Cloud Computing Championship – 2015

Dr. D.Y. Patil School of Engineering and Technology – India’s First Cloud Computing Championship on 16th and 17th March , 2015


“We are pleased to announce that Dr. D Y Patil School of Engineering and Technology (DYPSOET), Charholi , Lohgaon and IFC3 India in association with IIT Bhubaneswar-Neuromancers are organizingIndia’s First Cloud Computing Championship on 16th and 17th March , 2015.”

You are requested to give wide publicity to the event and encourage your faculty and students to participate in the same.

This event is organized by the Department of Computer Engineering under the banner of CSI and KAIZENS (‘K’omputer Association of Intelligent and Zestful ‘EN’gineering  ‘S’tudents)

·         Event Details

   IFC3 is workshop series being organized by IIT-Bhubaneswar. All the preliminary rounds will be held at various esteemed Engineering institutes across India in present academic year and the Grand Finale will be organized at IIT Bhubaneswar under the banner of IFC3 (India’s First Cloud Computing Championship).

·         Workshop Round (at Zonal Center) 

1. A two day hands-on Cloud Computing workshop will be held at 40 Zonal centers all across India.  · 

2. The details of the Zonal centers and Workshop Details will be available on the website for promotion of the  Institute as the Zonal Center.

3.  All the participants who want to participate in IFC3 are required to attend workshop at any Zonal Center and participate in the competition after the end of the workshop on the last day.

4. The Duration of the Cloud Computing Workshop will be 2 Days (7-8 hrs each day).

5.The workshop will be delivered by Highly qualified Cloud Technical professionals. 

·         Zonal Round (at Zonal Center)

1.  Just after the workshop a Mega Competition of IFC3-2015 on the basis of two day workshop will be held.

2.  Winners will be awarded Certificate of Excellence, and are required to participate in Final Round which  will be held in the month of April 2016 at IIT Bhubaneswar.

3.  Winners will receive IFC3 Goodies.


·         Final Round (at IIT Bhubaneswar) 

1.  Winners of all 40 Zonal Centers will be competing against each other at IFC3 in April 2016.

2.  Winner of Final Round will win the IFC3-15 Championship Title and will be awarded and honored by IIT  Bhubaneswar.

3. A Certificate of Merit will also be awarded to the Winner by IIT Bhubaneswar. 

4.  Chance to work as Intern with IFC3 Team.

5.  Prizes worth Rupees 1,00,000 which will include Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones will be given to the winner as well as runner ups. 

·         Workshop Highlights

1. Receive an unparalleled education from IIT Bhubaneswar.

2. Interactive Technical session, Query session, Live demos, PowerPoint presentation.

3. Learn and interact with highly qualified professionals.

4. IFC3 workshops are pathways to improve student’s job prospects and get an edge over their IT counterparts.

·         Certification Policy 

1. Certificate of Participation from IFC3-2015 & IIT Bhubaneswar.

2. Certificate of Coordination from IFC3-2015 & IIT Bhubaneswar.

3. Zonal Winners will participate in Final Rounds at IIT Bhubaneswar and will receive Golden Certificate of Excellence.

·         Who can attend IFC3?

1. Students from Technical Background. 

2. Students who want to make their resume more attractive to the prospective employees by having Hands-on Cloud Computing experience.

3. College faculties.

4. Corporate Employees.

5. People seeking careers in Cloud Computing.

6. IT Professionals who want to get formal Hands on Training at using and developing cloud based services. 


·         Registration Details : Rs. 850/- per participant

·         Last date of Registration : 10 March , 2015

·         Seats Limited to 50 only.

·         Faculty coordinator:

·         Mrs. Bhagyashree Dhakulkar – 9762999209

·         Mr. Pranav Dharmadhikari  – 9975825855

·        Contact us On :  [email protected]


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